3D Rainbow Window Film- [Limited Time Sale- 50% OFF]


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With special irregular patterns, this 3D window film creates a rainbow visual effect when sunlight shines through. It brings unique decoration on your windows, a cost-effective alternative to heavy expensive curtains or blinds!

Not only redecorates but also functional. The film reduces annoying glares, blocks out 84% 99% UVB rays, protecting your skin and furniture from getting exposed to sunlight. With filtered sunlight, it creates an instant soft atmosphere!

Small Fits A Standard Size Home Window
Medium Has Enough for 2-3 Windows
Large Can Do 5-8 Windows
2X Large Can Do 12+ Windows


3D RAINBOW EFFECT: Normal thickness creates a cubic artistic effect.

HEAT&UV CONTROL: Heat preservation in winter and heat regulation in summer, blocking out more than 96% harmful rays, protect skin and eyes, prevent furniture from fading.

PRIVACY PROTECTION: Providing privacy without blocking natural light, let you enjoy your life comfortably and safely.


NO ADHESIVES: Glue-free design cuts down chemical release drastically, minimizes the damage to your home and the environment.

DURABLE USE: Static cling design, can be removed easily without any traces left, easy to clean, and is water-resistant, can re-use, and re-position multiple times.

MULTIPURPOSE: can be applied to any smooth and clean glass surfaces, such as windows, sliding doors, shop windows, glass walls/partitions, etc.


  • Material: Environmentally friendly PVC static film on the front + PET release film on the back

  • Size:
    40″x 100″cm = Small
    40″x 200″cm = Medium
    40″x 400″cm = Large

    Pasting Method: Electrostatic Adsorption

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