[50% OFF] Zero-Waste Reusable Eco-Swab


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Billions of single-use swabs are thrown away each day around the world. Studies show there are more single-use items like swabs and straws in the ocean than there are fish.

Our Reusable Eco-Swab helps solve the problem. Made from 100% Natural Silica Sand our swabs are not only reusable but also natural.

Fact: Paper cotton swabs contain toxic bleach and upon manufacturing creates a horrendous carbon footprint. Ours doesn’t.

Photo Credit: Justin Hofman

Did you know that traditional cotton swabs aren’t good for your ears

Micro cotton strands get attached to the wax inside the ear. The body thinks the cotton strands are intruders and attacks it. This what helps cause itchy or swollen ear canals

Cleaning Help:
Just wash under warm water and rub.



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