Drain Clog Cleaning Kit

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Is your hair clogging the drain Clear it out in one go with this super effective Drain Clog Cleaning Kit! In mere seconds it’ll pull out your hair or whatever is clogging your drain. It’s easy, safe, and fast, ensuring a smooth water flow. Never worry about getting your hands dirty again!


Main Features:

  • Easily gets rid of hair, dirt, and other gooey residue clogging your drain
  • Designed with mini hooks all over its loop head to grab all the hair stuck in your drain
  • Easy to use with reusable handle and disposable wands
  • Flexible and long, with a 360¡ã spin and a far reach
  • A healthier and better alternative to foul-smelling chemicals or taking apart your drain plughole
  • Made from ABS Plastic



  • Do not use when chemical drain cleaners are in the drain
  • Do not use on thin, crusty pipes
  • Do not bend
  • Do not expose to fire


How to Use:

  1. Attach a disposable wand to a reusable handle (you should hear a clicking sound when the 2 parts snap into place)
  2. Check to see if the handle can spin freely and insert it into the sink or tub drain opening (it will slide past most drain stoppers and grates)
  3. Place one hand on the wand and spin the handle several times with your other hand until you feel some resistance (do not exert too much force)
  4. Carefully pull debris from the drain
  5. Remove the wand from the reusable handle and throw it away
  6. To reuse the wand, remove hair with a stiff brush, then disinfect it thoroughly
  7. Store it in a cool dry place away from young kids




Product Size Handle length: 15 cm / 6 inch
Long wand length: 46 cm / 18 inch
Short wand length: 31 cm / 12 inch
Product Weight 30g/1oz
Package Component 1 x Reusable Handle
2 x Disposable Wands


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