Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat

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Make Tummy Time Fun With Our Amazing Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat! 

Make tummy time fun for your child with this inflatable water mat, perfect tummy time fun that helps children develop better muscle strength in their back, legs, arms, and neck! 100% safe for your baby, made from safe and eco-friendly material! 

Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat

Encourage the growth of your child’s imagination with this water playmat! 


  • Strengthen your child’s muscles- Helps your baby to build body strength. 
  • Cognitive and Motor Skills- As your baby plays and moves the fish around from place to place, they will develop better hand-eye coordination.
  • Take the mat anywhere you go- This mat is super easy to set up and store so it can come with you anywhere!
  • 100% Leak Proof & Long Lasting- 100% leak-proof, so you don’t have to worry about messy accidents. It’s been thoroughly tested and won’t even leak after the worst play sessions!
  • Hours of Fun- Your baby will have a lot of fun squeezing, squishing, and pressing the water mat!

How To Use?

  1. Open the biggest valve for the inner mat first and fill the mat with tap water.
  2. Open the small valve on the outer ring and inflate the frame of the mat with air.

Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat

Included With Package:

1 x Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat

Product Specifications:

Material: Premium BPA free PVC

Mat size: 66 x 50cm or 26 x 9.7 in

For ages 3 months old and up

Thickness: Approximately 2cm

Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat

Inflatable Baby Water Play Mat

Why Inflatable Water Play Mat?

Everyone knows once babies reach that crawling age they start crawling everywhere and anywhere! Sometimes this can be tiring and they will start to cry which is perfectly normal. This inflatable water play mat will make tummy time fun while also stimulating and can also help strengthen their back and neck muscles for faster and better muscle development. This Inflatable Water Play Mat is the perfect gift for any newborn and will guarantee fun times will be had for the baby.

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